How to make a leather homemade card wallet

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Through the leather's use, a lot of object of different kind can be manufactured, due to his elegancy and duration, so on this article is going to be focused on train you in the leather homemade card wallet, easiest practices to create it.

In this guide, we are going to be focused on how to create a leather homemade card wallet, in order to give you enough skills for being able of making it by yourself.

With the following steps as it is ordered at below instructions as well, you are going to be able of study which materials and tools are necessary to make the leather homemade card wallet:

Consumbles and supplies:

General tooling.

  • Pen.
  • Squad or rule.
  • Cutter.
  • A Polyurethane plate.
  • Swab wool.
  • Marker with adjustable lines.
  • Lighter.
  • Marker.
  • Scissor.
  • Thin sandpaper.
  • Swab.


  • Pocket card (for guidance).
  • Latex gloves.
  • Cleaning blanket.

Tools to work with leather

  • Straight line marker for leather.
  • Wheel to mark. You can also use thin teeth fork.
  • Awl or ice pick to make a hole. You can also help yourself with a hammer.
  • Paper hole punch.
  • Rounded top saddler needle (2 units).
  • Saddler thread.
  • Rounded cutter to cut leather or strip cutter.

Steps to make a leather homemade card wallet

  1. • As a first step, we take the leather piece then we use the plastic card to be used as a guidance to take measures with the rule (1 cm distance to each side). Then we use the cutter or a sharp blade to cut.
  • With the piece of leather already cut the following step is use this as a guide to cut a second piece of leather with the same measures.
  • We make the seam groove with the lines marker for leather. You can left a distance from the edge of the leather piece to do it.
  • With a wheel to mark (you can use a thin teeth fork as an option), to mark area to be pierced in order to obtain a seam hole.
  • Now then, we use an awl to make the holes which has been marking before. As an alternative, if we use a fork, you should help yourself with a hammer to make the holes. You must have next to the hand the polyurethane plate to be able of make the holes, placing it beneath the leather piece.
  • With the straight line marker and a rule as a guide, mark the grooves 1 1/2 centimeters of distance taking as an origin the upside edge, then, 1 centimeter separated between each other (here is where the cards gonna be placed). This applies to both piece of leathers.
  • Through the punch, we mark and make the holes with the smaller circle, helping yourself with a piece of leather below that one which going to be pierced. (See figure).
  • Join the holes which has been making with his pair, make a linear cut using a cutter and a rule as a guide. Check out whether the card gets inside the previously made groove properly. It must has a resemble with the figure shown
  • Now cut a cardstock (for assuring stiffness on leather card wallet we are elaborating), with the same measure than the plastic card you have as a guide. Mark with the pen and do the cut with the cutter while you help yourself with a rule. Also cut the edges to hold them straight.
  • Then, we must paint or dye the leather pieces with aniline alcohol, applying in a linear mode and excessively, with a swap wool (we suggest to use latex gloves to avoid getting dirty). Is necessary to apply two layers, letting dry the first one to apply the second one subsequently
  • After the total dye drying, we seal it with zapon lacquer for metal applying it with a cloth rag and letting dry it, the avoid a loss of color.
  • Now it is time to sew, doing the saddler seam with two rounded needles and his threat, applying the adequate technique (see the video). You must left a groove without sewer, where the cardstock is going to be placed. You are going to burn the edge of the thread with the lighter.
  • Take the cardstock and paint it with the marker, the clean it with the cloth rag. The reason to do this is to obtain a better appearance. The white color is avoided when it stays between the two pieces of leather which are part of the card wallet. Now you must place it in the groove without sew, then you must finish the seam at the seam you left behind.
  1. Cut the edge difference (nearby the sewing you have been making) with the circular cutter, taking as a guide the rule in order to hold straight the job. This is going to make that the seam stay close enough to the edge and because of this the job obtains a better appearance.
  2. Go and sand the edges you have cut with thin sandpaper, obtaining more rounded and softy edges without peaks.
  3. Use the acacia gum to applying it on the card wallet of leather that we are creating, in order to get joined both pieces, using a swap wool to applying it (see figure). This method assures to keep both leather layers together in order to apply the dye on that zone.
  1. Once dry the acacia gum, use the ink to paint the edges of the leather with a swap wool, removing the excess with a cloth rag.
  2. Repeat the previous procedure, to apply the second ink lay, over the leather card wallet edges. Check out each compartment with a card assuring with this the correct entrance of the cards.

In conclusion:

Make homemade card wallets of leather is very simple, just requires materials and tools and materials to work with leather which are basics and some time to dedicate it.

You must be aware that in this tutorial we has used an specific ink color, worst, you can choose the ink color of your preference.

If you want to detail each step explained, watch the video and learn quickly how to make homemade card wallets of leather.

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